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[texts]BSTJ 49: 6. July-August 1970: Picturephone Silicon Target Signal Analysis. (Beadle, W.E.; Schorr, A.J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 49: 6. July-August 1970 pp 921-952. Picturephone Silicon Target Signal Analysis. (Beadle, W.E.; Schorr, A.J.)
Keywords: diode; signal; surface; depletion; potential; current; sea; target; silicon; inversion; sea sheet; dark current; signal current; system technical; depletion region; silicon target; bell system; resistive sea; surface potential; electron beam
Downloads: 25
[texts]Revista 365 (Magazine) - Pinamar - Carilo, Buenos Aires Argentina - Blue Design, Annie Ballandras / Luciano Pereira
365 is a magazine about Pinamar and Cariló, Buenos Aires Argentina, pictures, arquitecture, lifestyle fashion among other issues.
Keywords: pinamar; carilo; buenos aires; argentina; lifestyle; fashion; spanish; beach; sea; photos; images; pictures; snapshots
Downloads: 205
[texts]BSTJ 36: 5. September 1957: Resistance of Organic Materials and Cable Structures to Marine Biological Attack. (Snoke, Lloyd R.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 36: 5. September 1957 pp 1095-1127. Resistance of Organic Materials and Cable Structures to Marine Biological Attack. (Snoke, Lloyd R.)
Keywords: marine; test; sea; materials; jute; water; bacteria; ppm; pvc; attack; bell system; hydrogen sulfide; sea water; biological attack; polyvinyl chloride; marine biological; cable samples; marine bacteria; system technical; oxygen consumption
Downloads: 30
[texts]BSTJ 5: 3. July 1926: Extraneous Interference on Submarine Telegraph Cables. (Gilbert, J.J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 5: 3. July 1926 pp 404-417. Extraneous Interference on Submarine Telegraph Cables. (Gilbert, J.J.)
Keywords: cable; interference; sea; conductor; submarine; disturbance; cables; earth; frequency; impedance; bell system; technical journal; sea earth; system technical; telegraph cables; cable conductor; main cable; electromotive force; submarine telegraph; earth conductor
Downloads: 37
[texts]Scale Aviation Modeller 2003-11
Scale Aviation Modeller 2003-11
Keywords: kit; scale; resin; decals; fuselage; decal; aircraft; models; aviation; kits; injection moulded; detail set; sam publications; set designed; air force; twobobs aviation; medium sea; sea grey; scale aviation; aviation graphics
Downloads: 16
[texts]Scale Aviation Modeller 1999-10
Scale Aviation Modeller 1999-10
Keywords: kit; ihc; arc; fuselage; lor; wing; scale; cockpit; ejection; ejection seat; injection moulded; etched brass; colour options; white metal; panel lines; sea grey; moulded plastic; medium sea; instrument panel
Downloads: 17
[texts]Scientific American Volume 72 Number 26 (June 1895)

Keywords: scientific; electric; steam; american; water; apparatus; patent; bicycle; scientific american; plow; steam engine; horse power; street car; sea canal; north sea; car fender; water supply; battle ship; express money
Downloads: 71
[texts]Scale Aviation Modeller 1996-08
Scale Aviation Modeller 1996-08
Keywords: kit; scale; fuselage; decals; decal; cockpit; rlm; model; aircraft; aviation modeller; scale aviation; technical data; dark green; injection moulded; bomb bay; sea grey; medium sea; etched brass; moulded plastic
Downloads: 18
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 26 (December 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; patent; shaft; boiler; improved; scientific; iron; scientific american; electric; cutting jaw; average sea; electric light; slide rest; swing frame; fluid batteries; letters patent; sea speed; single fluid
Downloads: 268
[texts]Plan B Magazine Issue 29

Keywords: music; album; academy; songs; band; london; rock; guitar; plan; sound; manchester academy; everett true; frances morgan; dirty projectors; david thomas; mount vernon; vernon arts; thomas broughton; british sea; sea power
Downloads: 172
[texts]Scientific American Volume 63 Number 02 (July 1890)

Keywords: scientific; parts; ammonia; water; american; patent; steam; munn; scientific american; solution; effective horse; sodom dam; three parts; sea urchin; sea urchins; floor plans; bog brook; horse power; mail pouch
Downloads: 63
[texts]BSTJ 1: 1. July 1922: Transmission Characteristics of the Submarine Cable. (Carson, John R.; Gilbert, J.J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 1: 1. July 1922 pp 88-115. Transmission Characteristics of the Submarine Cable. (Carson, John R.; Gilbert, J.J.)
Keywords: armor; submarine; return; transmission; impedance; sea; resistance; cable; inductance; wires; electric field; bell system; armor wires; technical journal; field intensity; system technical; return current; sea water; submarine cables; submarine cable
Downloads: 47
[texts]Scientific American Volume 80 Number 25 (June 1899)

Keywords: bicycle; air; snake; acetylene; scientific; patent; apparatus; electric; sea lions; tion; feed water; sea lion; liquid air; scientific american; compressed air; sewing machine; torpedo boat; snake dance; energy developed
Downloads: 74
[texts]Scientific American Volume 51 Number 24 (December 1884)

Keywords: steam; scientific; tbe; patent; steel; boiler; water; patented; scientific american; patents; steel pens; natural sea; sea water; gold leaf; price list; address munn; salt water; patent office; cubic feet
Downloads: 69
[texts]Scientific American Volume 93 Number 09 (August 1905)

Keywords: scientific; feet; american; speed; miles; apparatus; water; tion; sea wall; scientific american; submarine mine; gasoline motor; american supplement; upper car; niagara river; technical school; american august; lower car
Downloads: 48
[texts]Scientific American Volume 93 Number 26 (December 1905)

Keywords: scientific; turbine; tion; manufacturers; device; turbines; producer; american; york city; scientific american; steam turbine; sea water; northwest passage; producer gas; gas producer; market street; american december; american supplement
Downloads: 68
[texts]Scientific American Volume 100 Number 25 (June 1909)

Keywords: scientific; feet; patent; apparatus; tube; american; tion; device; war department; scientific american; great lakes; front edge; sea speed; metal ties; american june; los angeles; typewriting machine; white star
Downloads: 95
[texts]Omni Magazine (January 1982)

Keywords: omni; bullhook; packy; billings; conrad; guitar; robots; robot; pony red; boss elephant; ten years; science fiction; elephant man; years ago; bullhook willy; sea shepherd; big man; boss animal
Downloads: 1,457
[texts]Scientific American Volume 70 Number 14 (April 1894)

Keywords: scientific; patent; patents; adapted; american; tbe; munn; steam; scientific american; center; telescoping tube; inch pipe; car track; express money; perspective views; american supplement; horse power; street car; deep sea
Downloads: 49
[texts]BSTJ 48: 5. May-June 1969: The Silicon Diode Array Camera Tube. (Crowell, Merton H.; Labuda, Edward F.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 48: 5. May-June 1969 pp 1481-1528. The Silicon Diode Array Camera Tube. (Crowell, Merton H.; Labuda, Edward F.)
Keywords: diode; array; silicon; resistive; target; electron; tube; camera; resistivity; beam; system technical; electronic camera; diode array; silicon diode; camera tube; dark current; resistive sea; electron beam; array camera; bell system
Downloads: 33
[texts]Scientific American Volume 68 Number 22 (June 1893)

Keywords: scientific; patent; munn; tion; columbian; cable; steam; electric; scientific american; american; electric motor; carpet beetle; horse power; mount sinai; wind mill; express money; railway rail; trial trip; bering sea
Downloads: 56
[texts]BSTJ 49: 5. May-June 1970: SF System: Submarine Cable Route Engineering. (Allen, R.C.; Ort, D.H.; Schindel, L.M.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 49: 5. May-June 1970 pp 767-781. SF System: Submarine Cable Route Engineering. (Allen, R.C.; Ort, D.H.; Schindel, L.M.)
Keywords: cable; route; ocean; system; survey; submarine; phase; sled; bottom; engineering; ocean cable; deep water; route engineering; bell system; submarine cable; system technical; sea bottom; cable system; ocean bottom; water route
Downloads: 13
[texts]BSTJ 49: 5. May-June 1970: SF System: Ocean Cable and Couplings. (Lebert, A.W.; Schaible, G.J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 49: 5. May-June 1970 pp 699-719. SF System: Ocean Cable and Couplings. (Lebert, A.W.; Schaible, G.J.)
Keywords: cable; conductor; coupling; dielectric; copper; polyethylene; outer; loss; inner; diameter; deep sea; armor wires; outer conductor; bell system; inner conductor; dissipation factor; copper outer; system technical; cable loss; steel armor
Downloads: 17
[texts]Scientific American Volume 02 Number 38 (June 1847)

Keywords: scientific; patent; steam; color; iron; rotary; mechanical; valve; patented june; feet; scientific american; rotary motion; tented june; feet long; sir james; sea walls; long time; steam valve; mechanical genius
Downloads: 47
[texts]Scientific American Volume 65 Number 23 (December 1891)

Keywords: scientific; iron; electric; munn; tints; tion; apparatus; steam; scientific american; tons; silk threads; dead sea; oil fuel; cubic feet; horse power; type writing; floor plans; vital energy; beet sugar
Downloads: 45
[texts]Scale Aviation Modeller 2004-12
Scale Aviation Modeller 2004-12
Keywords: kit; scale; decals; resin; cockpit; decal; blenheim; fuselage; model; models; bristol blenheim; air force; sam publications; sheet offers; unique markings; injection moulded; royal malaysian; sea grey; moulded plastic; malaysian air
Downloads: 14
[texts]Scientific American Volume 70 Number 01 (January 1894)

Keywords: tbe; scientific; patent; tion; adapted; american; heat; electric; scientific american; wire; express money; electric light; widah bird; gas engine; horse power; floor plans; sea sickness; woolen clothing; candle power
Downloads: 50
[texts]Scientific American Volume 41 Number 11 (September 1879)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patent; patented; carbolic; iron; feet; american; scientific american; tlie; steel wire; sir rowland; carbolic acid; compressed air; horse power; american supplement; large number; sea level; sheet metal
Downloads: 37
[texts]Scientific American Volume 28 Number 22 (May 1873)

Keywords: patent; steam; iron; consists; scientific; boiler; center; improved; cast iron; tion; deep sea; wrought iron; scientific american; steam boiler; horse power; patent office; post office; sewing machine; white light
Downloads: 43
[texts]Scale Aviation Modeller 1996-02
Scale Aviation Modeller 1996-02
Keywords: scale; kit; fuselage; aviation; wing; fokker; modeller; decals; aircraft; cockpit; scale aviation; aviation modeller; white metal; injection moulded; air force; olive drab; colour scheme; moulded plastic; sea blue; detail set
Downloads: 19
[texts]Scientific American Volume 26 Number 09 (February 1872)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; iron; benzole; patents; valve; tion; scientific american; consists; specific gravity; small pox; carbonic acid; horse power; sea water; high pressure; address munn; india rubber; slide valve
Downloads: 48
[texts]Scientific American Volume 06 Number 40 (June 1851)

Keywords: patent; steam; ment; scientific; magnetic; ore; power; tion; patent office; raft; testimony filed; tallow soap; magnetic power; escape steam; takes place; twenty days; ore bed; steam power; red sea
Downloads: 70
[texts]Scientific American Volume 72 Number 25 (June 1895)

Keywords: scientific; steam; american; apparatus; munn; axle; feet; carriage; scientific american; tion; horse power; gas engine; north sea; postal union; steam carriage; perspective elevation; sewing machine; machine shop; express money
Downloads: 57
[texts]BSTJ 6: 3. July 1927: Determination of Electrical Characteristics of Loaded Telegraph Cables. (Gilbert, J.J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 6: 3. July 1927 pp 387-401. Determination of Electrical Characteristics of Loaded Telegraph Cables. (Gilbert, J.J.)
Keywords: cable; attenuation; frequency; cables; inductance; propagation; resistance; values; loaded; measurements; loading material; bell system; attenuation constant; technical journal; laid cable; system technical; received voltage; loaded telegraph; telegraph cables; sea return
Downloads: 30
[texts]Scientific American Volume 42 Number 15 (April 1880)

Keywords: steam; patent; scientific; patented; tlie; boiler; inch; asphalt; scientific american; ink; middle california; emery wheels; river beds; sheet metal; horse power; patent issued; steam engines; wrought iron; deep sea
Downloads: 66
[texts]Scientific American Volume 42 Number 01 (January 1880)

Keywords: scientific; patent; patented; steam; emery; feet; improved; american; scientific american; tion; years ago; working machinery; trade mark; sea snake; trade marks; open air; sheet metal; price list; single copies
Downloads: 48
[texts]Scientific American Volume 59 Number 09 (September 1888)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patented; american; tion; apparatus; illustrated; contained; scientific american; raft; sea anemones; passenger mileage; main pipe; address munn; floor plans; specific gravity; electric light; express money; cast iron
Downloads: 44
[texts]Scientific American Volume 07 Number 23 (December 1862)

Keywords: patent; scientific; iron; patents; tion; ment; claim; steam; american; combination; bank note; address munn; scientific american; patent office; cast iron; gold mines; paraffine candles; purpose set; sea water; steam boilers
Downloads: 49
[texts]Scientific American Volume 08 Number 35 (May 1853)

Keywords: patent; railroad; scientific; steam; heat; planing; iron; carbonic; carbonic acid; tion; railroad trains; patent planing; acid gas; short distance; scientific american; sea bathing; dioptric lens; upper rail; patent office
Downloads: 39
[texts]Scientific American Volume 53 Number 05 (August 1885)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patented; center; tion; patent; apparatus; munn; scientific american; feet; rotary steam; postal order; sewing machine; rapid transit; address munn; wood working; ship railway; suburban rapid; deep sea
Downloads: 47
[texts]Scientific American Volume 77 Number 18 (October 1897)

Keywords: scientific; cotton; tion; munn; patent; cents; bicycle; feet; scientific american; color; sulphuric acid; manufacturing company; fluid pressure; fort selkirk; declination south; feed water; sea island; water bath; large number
Downloads: 58
[texts]Redfish Magazine (Australian Edition) (September 2012)

Keywords: aquarium; species; redfish; hawkfish; marine; fish; tke; plants; ore; plant; redfish magazine; aquarium society; fish ore; dwarf hawkfish; live feeder; java fern; wild feeds; stem plants; southern japan; red sea
Downloads: 99
[texts]BSTJ 40: 5. September 1961: The Resistance of Organic Materials to Attack by Marine Bacteria at Low Temperatures. (Steinberg, Priscilla L.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 40: 5. September 1961 pp 1369-1395. The Resistance of Organic Materials to Attack by Marine Bacteria at Low Temperatures. (Steinberg, Priscilla L.)
Keywords: materials; oxygen; incubation; marine; organic; anaerobic; test; bacteria; source; plasticized; natural rubber; incubation time; organic materials; system technical; sea water; marine bacteria; dissolved oxygen; bell system; oxygen consumption; externally plasticized
Downloads: 29
[texts]Scientific American Volume 98 Number 10 (March 1908)

Keywords: tons; scientific; armor; machine; knots; inches; guns; patent; scientific american; armored; model experiments; guide blades; wireless telegraph; tons displacement; sand blocks; sea speed; armored cruiser; olive bridge; british navy
Downloads: 57
[texts]Scientific American Volume 77 Number 23 (December 1897)

Keywords: scientific; patent; munn; fire; cents; tion; american; tbe; scientific american; canal; patent office; linseed oil; ship canal; watt hours; power house; sea coast; declination south; london fire; horse power
Downloads: 50
[texts]Scale Aviation Modeller 2000-06
Scale Aviation Modeller 2000-06
Keywords: kit; scale; model; lor; fuselage; arc; ihc; aircraft; decals; panel lines; scale model; air force; etched brass; sea hurricane; injection moulded; ihe wing; colour options; model club; lower wing
Downloads: 19
[texts]Scientific American Volume 08 Number 37 (May 1853)

Keywords: patent; railroad; steam; railroads; improvement; portion; daguerreotype; scientific; york city; tion; steam fire; steam boiler; static pressure; superior quality; scientific american; stephen pearl; water cure; hot air; sea kale
Downloads: 33
[texts]Scale Aviation Modeller 2007-08
Scale Aviation Modeller 2007-08
Keywords: kit; modeller; scale; aviation; aircraft; kits; model; decal; fuselage; decals; aviation modeller; scale aviation; injection moulded; decal sheet; moulded plastic; sam publications; hobby boss; sea hawk; colour options; special hobby
Downloads: 17
[texts]Scale Aviation Modeller 2008-06
Scale Aviation Modeller 2008-06
Keywords: kit; fuselage; aviation; modeller; plastic; cockpit; aircraft; decal; moulded; resin; bae harrier; panel lines; aviation modeller; model alliance; scale aviation; decal sheet; sam limited; moulded plastic; injection moulded; sea vixen
Downloads: 18
[texts]Scientific American Volume 55 Number 23 (December 1886)

Keywords: patented; scientific; gas; water; tion; shaft; patent; steam; scientific american; center; whooping crane; sea lions; natural gas; barrel head; horse power; address munn; express money; great wall; novel construction
Downloads: 37
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